descriptionOld APT-RPM CNC repository for historical reference.
ownerPanu Matilainen
last changeThu, 28 Apr 2005 15:43:44 +0000 (15:43 +0000)
2005-04-28 pmatilaiFix segmentation fault in apt-shell virtual package... master origin
2005-03-18 pmatilaiFix traceback on empty groups in groupinstall comps... 0.5.15cnc7
2005-03-12 pmatilai- Patch from Ville Skyttä to fix various documentation...
2005-03-11 niemeyerSpell out -f install suggestion as --fix-broken install...
2005-03-11 niemeyerUpdating automake/autoconf files.
2005-03-10 niemeyerAdding new marksimple*() lua functions. These will...
2004-09-23 pmatilaiUpdated groupinstall backend for Suse from Richard...
2004-09-23 pmatilaiAdd support for fetching source based on filenames...
2004-09-23 pmatilaiRead in rpm configuration in rpmsystem::Score(), otherw...
2004-09-14 pmatilaiAdd markreinstall() function to the Lua interface.
2004-08-26 niemeyer- New countpkglist tool.
2004-08-17 pmatilaiSmall improvements in gen*list utilities:
2004-08-13 pmatilaiOops, managed to only apply half of the GPG::Skip-Check...
2004-08-12 pmatilaiMake groupinstall backend compatible with Debian taskse...
2004-08-11 pmatilaiAdd ability to skip GPG checking of certain packages...
2004-08-06 pmatilaigen*list usage message fixes from Ville Skyttä.
unknown 0.5.5cnc7
unknown 0.5.5cnc6
unknown 0.5.5cnc5
unknown 0.5.5cnc4.1
unknown 0.5.5cnc4
unknown 0.5.5cnc3
unknown 0.5.5cnc2
unknown 0.5.5cnc1
unknown 0.5.15cnc7
unknown 0.5.15cnc6
unknown 0.5.15cnc5
unknown 0.5.15cnc4
unknown 0.5.15cnc3
unknown 0.5.15cnc2
unknown 0.5.15cnc1
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