- correctly handle trailing slash for repomd ReleaseURI (Ralf)
[apt.git] / apt-pkg / rpm / rpmindexfile.cc
2006-04-18 pmatilai- correctly handle trailing slash for repomd ReleaseURI...
2006-04-07 pmatilai- some error handling + sanity checks for repomd parsing
2006-04-06 pmatilai- resurrect source operations for repomd repositories
2006-03-27 pmatilai- Huge pile of cleanups for compiler warnings mostly...
2006-03-21 pmatilai- implement filelists.xml processing for file dependencies
2006-03-21 pmatilai- actually process file provides for repomd
2006-03-19 pmatilai- merge repomd branch
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial import of revision 374 from cnc