- fix opening *.cc and *.h files in proper C++ mode in xemacs as well
[apt.git] / configure
2006-05-22 pmatilai- preparing for lorg3.1
2006-05-08 pmatilai- replace the questionable magic to conditionally insta...
2006-05-05 pmatilai- update to gettext 0.14.5, remove internal intl (Ralf)
2006-05-04 pmatilai- add bug reporting address to configure + other minor...
2006-04-26 pmatilai- require libxml2-2.6.x at minimum for xmlReadFile...
2006-04-25 pmatilai- remove hardcoded gpg path (Ralf Corsepius)
2006-04-24 pmatilai- use automake defined pkgdata dir for lua script dir...
2006-04-12 pmatilai- auto*foo fixes (Ralf Corsepius)
2006-03-19 pmatilai- merge repomd branch
2006-02-06 pmatilai- prepare for lorg2 apt-0.5.15lorg2
2006-01-17 pmatilai- autoreconf, so this stuff builds sanely on fc4..
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial import of revision 374 from cnc