- some extra checks to xml handling to avoid crashes on missing properties
[apt.git] / po /
2006-05-27 pmatilai- remove debianism in broken package error messages...
2006-05-22 pmatilai- preparing for lorg3.1
2006-05-22 pmatilai- updates to German translation (Ralf)
2006-05-05 pmatilai- update to gettext 0.14.5, remove internal intl (Ralf)
2006-05-04 pmatilai- updated Japanese translation (Daisuke Suzuki)
2006-05-04 pmatilai- Japanese translation was not being included (Ralf)
2006-04-23 pmatilai- update translations apt-0.5.15lorg3
2006-04-13 pmatilai- updated german translation (Ralf)
2006-04-12 pmatilai- more i18n cleanups (Ralf Corsepius)
2006-04-11 pmatilai- i18n cleanup (Ralf Corsepius)
2006-03-23 pmatilai- optimize filelists access so it's only used in cache...
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial import of revision 374 from cnc