2006-01-17 pmatilai- apply Progeny's redir and authentication patch
2006-01-17 pmatilai- virtual packages can have candidate versions
2006-01-17 pmatilai- thinko in suggests-support
2006-01-17 pmatilai- oops, wrong multilib patch applied, previous only...
2006-01-17 pmatilai- use @ as arch separator instead of .
2006-01-17 pmatilai- initial multilib support (only packages in the same...
2006-01-17 pmatilai- libtoolize -c -f && autoreconf
2006-01-17 pmatilai- autoreconf, so this stuff builds sanely on fc4..
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial support for enhances/suggests in rpm >= 4.4.3
2006-01-16 pmatilai- negative pin on a package is equal to "any version...
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial rpm 4.4.4 support
2006-01-16 pmatilai- appease aclocal >= 1.8 (Ville Skyttä)
2006-01-16 pmatilai- read-only, not exclusive rpmdb lock for the initial...
2006-01-16 pmatilai- more python make issues
2006-01-16 pmatilai- Fix some issues in python binding build
2006-01-16 pmatilai- change scriptdir to /usr/share/apt
2006-01-16 pmatilai- initial import of revision 374 from cnc