2012-09-26 Panu MatilainenAdd bunch of missing includes to fix build with gcc 4.7 master
2011-04-16 Panu MatilainenRemove redundant IsDatabase() variants
2011-04-13 Panu MatilainenRemove swig-generated content + ancient patch to swig
2011-04-13 Panu MatilainenMassage swig interface a bit to get this to build on...
2011-04-13 Panu MatilainenAnd finally, adding SHA256 support becomes a one-liner...
2011-04-13 Panu MatilainenGeneralize Hashes helper class to support arbitrary...
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenAdd various missing bits to raptHash class
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenRemove now unnecessary raptHash constructor variant
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenAvoid leaking rpm enums into apt space
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenReplace a couple of leftover md5/sha1 summation uses
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenOops, forgotten repomd -> apt hash name mapping
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenRemember repo file hash types in the index checksum...
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenTeach pkgAcqFile about different hash types, use for...
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenAcquire-item hashification, step 2
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenAcquire-item hashification, step 1
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenAdd methods for dealing with varying hash type
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenReplace algorithm-specific md5 and sha1 methods with...
2011-04-12 Panu MatilainenUse rhash directly in the hashes wrapper class
2011-04-08 Panu MatilainenRemove no longer necessary rpm compat goo
2011-04-08 Panu MatilainenConvert genpkglist and gensrclist to new rpm interfaces
2011-04-08 Panu MatilainenOops, python Makefile went missing
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemove updateinfo remnants, broken since apt-rpm 0...
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenChainsaw support for rpm < 4.6.0 out for real
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRequire rpm version that supports pkg-config
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemove remaining rpm5-specific config foo
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRip out broken rpm runtime dependency foobar
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRip out repackage support
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRip out selinux "support"
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenMeh, leftover autogenerated foo
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemove the bundled copy of lua from repository too
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, me no like
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemove autogenerated autofoo
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenBump version to 0.5.15lorg3.95
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenRemember to update POTFILES.in wrt hash changes
2011-04-07 Panu MatilainenAdjust to newer git
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenAmbiguous || && if
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenUnused/leftover variable
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenActually use the calculated Partial value in shell...
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenShut up a few complaints about if-ambiguosity
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenFix up callback bogosity
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenFix initialization order to shut up g++
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenLeftover variable
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenWe dont have any "binaries" tags in rpm, rip the bitrot...
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenEliminate unnecessary strdup()'ing from rpm version...
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenClean up sqlite wrapper a bit
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenSimplify the sqlite query interface
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenUse sqlite binding for dependency, filelist and changel...
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenAdd integer binding support to sqlite helper
2011-04-06 Panu MatilainenAvoid unnecessary extra variable, saner sql for countin...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenClean up leftover junk
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenPermit arbitrary checksum types in VerifyChecksums()
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenAdd alternative raptHash() constructor taking string...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenTeach repomd bits about sha256
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenRemember hash result as Result() might be called more...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenEliminate redundant and buggy offset tracking in sqlite...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenReplace local sha1 and md5 implementations with rpm...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenEliminate unused MD5/SHA1SumValue methods
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenUse unordered_set (from tr1) for SeenPackages if available
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenUse STL unordered_map if available instead of nonstd...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenA set is more appropriate than hash/map for SeenPackages
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenUse STL strings for arch score typemaps as well
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenAdd missing <algorithm> include, masked by hash_map...
2011-04-05 Panu MatilainenUse STL strings for arch score methods
2011-03-29 Panu MatilainenForce read-only access to sqlite
2011-03-29 Panu MatilainenUse saner sqlite access model
2010-11-23 Panu MatilainenRip out support for RPM v3. Time to let go of something...
2010-11-01 Panu MatilainenMake the package hash table MUCH larger
2010-11-01 Panu MatilainenPass pkgCache::FindPkg() name by const reference instea...
2010-10-31 Panu MatilainenSlightly less WTF'ery sqlite filelist generation
2010-10-31 Panu MatilainenOptimize rpmlib() dependency lookups
2010-10-23 Panu MatilainenFix build with rpm.org HEAD
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenUse const iterators throughout apt-pkg/rpm/ where possible
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenOptimize sqlite handler filelist generation a bit
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenOptimize sqlite handler PRCO() a bit
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenOptimize rpm handler EVR calculation a bit
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenSwitch a few callers to the return via reference varian...
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenAdd new getter variants to sqlite, returning the data...
2010-10-11 Panu MatilainenBump cache limit up to 256MB, should be enough for...
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenBe selective about what we select from repomd databases
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenAnd yet more pass-by-const-reference fixes, now in...
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenYet more pass-by-reference fixes: xml parsing utilities
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenRemove couple of leftover method prototypes
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenMore pass-by-reference tweaks to package data stuff
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenEliminate unused LessPred comparison struct
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenPass to-be-hashed strings by const reference to avoid...
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenReplace global index size cache with per-index mutable...
2010-10-10 Panu MatilainenMake rpm handler internals (explicitly) private where...
2010-10-09 Panu MatilainenAdd and use string-aware AddCRC16() variant
2010-10-09 Panu MatilainenPass strings by (const) reference to sqlite getters
2010-10-09 Panu MatilainenPass strings to hash by const reference to avoid copying
2010-10-08 Panu MatilainenConstify raptHeader getter methods
2010-10-08 Panu MatilainenEliminate uses of "using namespace std" from headers
2010-10-08 Panu MatilainenMass constify rpmhandler getter methods
2010-10-02 Panu MatilainenRpm initialization sanity
2010-10-01 SergeyAccept both "HTTP/1.0 304 Not Modified" and "HTTP/1...
2010-10-01 SergeyFix off-by-one in sqlite API wrapper (RhBug:428855)
2010-10-01 SergeyCorrectly print a replacement line (RhBug:428857)
2010-10-01 Panu MatilainenUpdate autofoo
2010-10-01 Panu MatilainenMacro kludgery to get it to build with rpm.org HEAD
2010-10-01 Panu MatilainenheaderUnlink() is wrong, use headerFree() instead